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Ancien spectacle : NE TOURNE PLUS


All public show
75 minutes in a marquee
Collective creation 2014



A theatrical circus, visual and daring, unpredictable and humorous.

From the visual to the invisible,
From body language to the inexpressible,
A sincere and experimental circus
Who caresses the eyes and farts the ears. (Or the opposite.)

Between dances, pursuits, silences, routines, circus exploits, the artists evolve in the air and shatter on the track.

It is with joyful and merciless freedom that the nine performers of the collective come close to limits and risks, remain
Throughout the sight, approach until you let yourself be touched, play with boundaries, cause falls, heaps ... small skids in a big crash.

The experience is intense and the technical material - diverted - as well as the music played live, are put at the service of
their performances which excite, frustrate, provoke, question and enchant.

Credits photographiques : collectif SILEKS, La GRioTTe


Maël TORTEL - Equilibrist, carrier, builder, disheveled
Thierry DE CHAUNAC - Comedian, clown, funny
Fynn NEB - Smooth rope, crazy stilts, singer
Loïc PRAUD alias PELO - Chief editor Big top, drummer
Carola ARAMBURU - Aerial hoops, song, tree
Célia CASAGRANDET POUCHET - Flying rope, plucked, flyer
Antoine BOCQUET - Pianist, sound hacker, photoshoper
Sébastien LE RESTE - Technical, bass player, light

Elliot PINEAU_ORCIER - Acrobat on the ground

Timothé LOUSTALOT GARES - Tightrope walker

Nicolas QUETELARD (Cie Le Ressort) and ELSKE VAN GELDER (My! Laïka) - Outside views
Antoine BOCQUET and CAROLA ARAMBURU - Music creation
Lola KIRCHNER - Stage design, costumes and accessories


Timothé LOUSTALOT GARES - General management / Sound management
Sébastien LE RESTE - Light creation



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