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"Any resemblance to reality is not at all a coincidence"

All public show
Under marquee
Collective creation 2019

Directed by Garniouze


With traditional circus codes such as a circular track, an orchestra or a clown, Cirque Pardi! presents us with a current circus show.

A tribute to fragility.

A cry of joy broken by fatigue.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the paradise of the forgotten ..."

In this place of life which seems an eternal cinematographic shooting, the artites pass from the shadow to the light, allowing themselves to transcend their own characters, from fiction to reality, never forgetting that they are the directors scene of their own existence.

It's tragic, it's comical, it's absurd ... It's life.

Armed with beauty and demanding justice, Low Cost Paradise shows us the poetry of reality. Behind the scenes of life and the show. Unless it is the reverse.

In the midst of this chaotic era, this troupe chooses to dance until the end.

The artists, builders and lighting designers, all from the four corners of the world, offer a daring universe, between chemicals, plastic and coffee…

A Maelstrom sublimated by live musicians.

Fixed trapeze, swinging trapeze, dance, acrobatic bike, tightrope walker, acrotic staves, clown and juggling snort in a magical and theatrical universe.

A Total Work of Art, under a marquee.

CopyRight [ Circusögraphy / Vidéo H / Thomas Brousmiche /

Charles Bigaud / Pierre Rigo / Jean-François Reingeisen ]


Antoine BOCQUET - Music, Plastic installations
Carola ARAMBURU - Dangling trapeze, music, dance
Elske VAN GELDER - Acrobatic staves
Julien MANDIER - Clown, Magic, Manipulation of objects
Maël TEBIBI - Acrobat
Marta TORRENTS - Voltigeuse
Eva ORDOÑEZ or Anna VON GRUNIGEN - Trapeze artist

Timothé LOUSTALOT GARES - Tightrope walker, light designer, technician

Maël TORTEL - Equilibrist, builder, machinist


Janssens RILLH - Technician, Rigger, Sondier, builder

Anthony CARUANA – Technical director

Malika LOUADOUDI – Administration

Laura CARDONA – Production

Sandra DIRIS - International tour manager

Zoé GAUDIN-HUBERT – Production and Mediation contact

Garniouze – External view

Julia DI BLASI – Scenography

The technical rider is available on request from

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