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Ancien spectacle : NE TOURNE PLUS

For all

50 min in marquee

Collective creation 2013


The Pardi Cabaret! testifies to the raw artistic material at the birth of the collective. This show is the result of a directed collective creation, after only 3 weeks of research and writing, and announces the tracks developed in the next creations.

What is behind these televised shows, behind these beautiful, well-worked images, behind this great spectacle in which we recognize your needs and your emotions, in which the director knows exactly what the audience is going to experience?

What is behind this smooth and sanitized world? Man with his characteristics, his dreams, his faults, his paranoia, his simplicity. The real man, the one who is not in the spotlight.

What happens when you turn off? Finally a feeling of being just, simple and happy without these pre-chewed, absurd and ridiculous ideals.


Maël Tortel - Balance on hand - Acrobatic range hand to hand
Loïc Praud alias Pelo - Acrobatics
Anhalou Serre - Flying trapeze - Singing
Chiara Bagni - Trapeze - Dance - Singing
Pierro Le Gouallec alias Pierro - Hand to hand acrobatic range
Thierry De Chaunac - Clown, actor
Antoine Bocquet - Music, manipulation of objects
Mister fox

Musical creation and sound management
Antoine Bocquet
Mathieu Prual (musical cohesion)

Light creation and technical management
Sébastien Le Reste and Cyril Monteil (Merci group)

Scenography, costumes and accessories
Lola Kirchner

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