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Ancien spectacle : NE TOURNE PLUS


All Public / school adapted
50 min in marquee or outdoors / 2013 collective creation

When performers hit the track,
That they are facing full stands,
That they have so much to tell you
And the tenacious desire that you not take your eyes off them ...

They master their circus disciplines,
Humor and poetry.
Are You Ready?

This cabaret adapts to any temperature, distribution and place of play. Variable programming depending on the distribution
We often invite artist-friends to accompany this cabaret. It is also possible that an artist from Cirque Pardi!

is not present.

Adaptable creation

It can be subject to an In situ creation and adapt to different programming locations.


Maël Tortel, Balance on tire / Pneumobile - 7 min
Maël Tortel, Balance on the hands / Reflections - 7 min
Loïc Praud alias Pelo, Mini Trampoline / Use it! - 6 min
Thierry De Chaunac, Clown without a nose / Monsieur Renard - continuously
Thierry De Chaunac, Clown without a nose / The Queen of England -13 min
Carola Aramburu, Aerial hoop / Rio por no llorar - 9 min
Timothée Loustalot Gares and Antoine Bocquet, Funambule et son / Autonomous - 10 min
Daniel Görich, Smooth rope / I like it… tsss! - duration 8 min
+ guests

Musical creation
Antoine Bocquet
Sébastien Le Reste
Carola Aramburu
Loïc Praud alias Pelo

Thimothé Loustalot Gares - General management / Sound management
Sébastien Lereste - Light management

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