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A show for young and old... and mediums too!

A modern circus cabaret under a big top

50 min for schools and groups


Collective creation 2022

Meeting times and discussions

are offered at the end of each performance.


It's the story of a family, or a clan...

They're not there. But when they look at us and move, everything becomes real.
They have no age, they're from here and there.

We sometimes say they're weird.
Yet they have a mouth, two eyes, three ears and arms....
And first of all, they dream and breathe like everyone else,
like you, like you, like me!

They search for themselves on the runway and in the air, inventing for themselves a truth that may or may not be palpable.
They dare to invite us into their poetry, their circus, their magic and their antics.

They're my family.
I swear it's true.
So come on, let's get started...


Carola ARAMBURU - Actress, musician

Timothé LOUSTALOT GARES - Tightrope walker, project leader
Aloïs PESQUER - Manipulator, stage manager
Antoine BOCQUET - Musician, composer
Rémi BERNARD - Machinist, technician


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